Apromore’s New Consulting Partnership

16 April 2021

We warmly welcome our new consulting partner, Nous Group!

Nous Group is an international management consulting firm with over two decades of experience. Their teams across Canada, Australia, and the UK help their clients master their most complex strategic challenges and implement long-lasting transformational strategies and change. Thanks to its partnership with Apromore , Nous Group enables organizations to dive deeper into their processes to unlock value throughout their end-to-end value chains.

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Apromore’s New Partnership in Australia

31 March 2021

We welcome our new consulting partner from Australia, Magia Solutions!

Through advanced enterprise cloud technology, Magia Solutions enables organizations to deliver a seamless business experience. The team turns business complexity into simplicity, focusing on a maximized Return on Investment and streamlined business processes. Through this partnership with Apromore and process mining implementation, Magia Solutions helps customers achieve more time-effective ERP rollouts along with greater operating stability on their digital transformation journey.

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Apromore’s New Partnership in the United States

25 March 2021

We welcome our new channel and consulting partner in the U.S., ECM Consulting Group!

As a global management consulting firm, ECM Consulting Group specializes in helping CFOs increase their corporations’ return on investment and competitiveness. ECM Consulting Group has helped well-known corporations to reduce SG&A expenses by 30%, improve the performance of key processes, and add shareholder value by managing strategic, financial, and operational programs. Thanks to its partnership with Aprome, ECM Consulting Group is helping corporations to dig deeper into their processes to unlock business value across their end-to-end value chains.

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Apromore in 30+ Case Studies from Multiple Industries

24 March 2021

We are honored and excited about Apromore being featured in over 30 customer stories in various verticals, such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, higher education, healthcare, telco, logistics, defense, and public administration!

Read more in an annual compilation of process mining case studies “Process Mining: A Database of Applications” released by our strategic partners HSPI & Hesplora. 
A big kudos to our partners as a great portion of this work has been executed through our extensive partner ecosystem specializing in different industry domains!

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Apromore’s New Partnership in Sourthern Europe

18 March 2021

Apromore continues pursuing its strategy of creating lasting business value from process mining via a network of value-adding consultancy partners.

We warmly welcome our new consulting partner, iterem, a Barcelona-based consulting firm offering services and solutions to support business process management programs. This partnership with Apromore will expand iterem’s portfolio of methods and tools for digital transformation, enabling it to enhance the business value of its optimization and automation projects.
Le damos la bienvenida a nuestro nuevo partner, iterem, consultora especializada en servicios y soluciones orientadas a la gestión por procesos (BPM). La solución de minería de Apromore complementa el catálogo de métodos y herramientas BPM que dispone iterem, permitiéndole aumentar el valor en sus proyectos de optimización y automatización de procesos para la transformación digital.

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Apromore’s Strong Presence in the Worldwide Academic Community

15 March 2021

One of the distinguishing features of Apromore is that it marries process mining with process modeling.

Watch Joerg Evermann, a BPM and process mining educator based in Canada, demonstrate how Apromore can be used to capture complex process models, using the full spectrum of the BPMN notation process mining.

Apromore as One of the Fastest Growing Startups in Australia

10 March 2021

Very excited to share with you that Apromore has been selected as one of the Hottest Startups in Australia, by Growth List! The ranking is based on the fastest growth amongst Australian startups.

Apromore shares the recognition with prominent Australian startups, including Linkree and Canva.
Find out more details.

Whitepaper: “Process Mining in 2021 and Beyond”

09 March 2021

Process mining has rapidly become the preferred method to analyze and improve business processes. As an integral part of the BPM discipline, process mining continues to evolve swiftly with new trends on the horizon.

In this whitepaper, “Process Mining in 2021 and Beyond”, Apromore’s Co-Founder, Marlon Dumas, shines more light on the arising process mining trends and related digital transformation opportunities emerging for organizations and their business processes.

Download your free copy.

Apromore’s New Partnership in South America

05 March 2021

Apromore continues to bring the benefits of process mining to the South American market.

We warmly welcome our new consulting partner OPCiber, a boutique process optimization firm based in Chile. OPCiber helps its clients streamline and standardize their business processes, ensuring that their scalability will reach the most optimal level. This partnership enables OPciber to utilize process mining technology in digitizing customer processes and implementing Centers of Excellence.

Nos da mucho placer dar la bienvenida a nuestro nuevo partner en Chile, OPCiber, una empresa boutique dedicada a optimizar procesos de negocio digitalmente. Apromore permitirá a Opciber integrar la minería de procesos dentro de su portafolio de herramientas de transformación digital, y así ofrecer a sus clientes un más alto retorno de inversión en sus iniciativas de mejora de procesos y un más rápido tiempo de creación de valor.

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Apromore at Process Mining Live 2021 Conference

03 March 2021

We are very excited to support the Process Mining Live 2021 conference hosted by Process Excellence Network (PEX), online this March 9-11!

Join Apromore’s Co-Founder and Partnerships Manager, Marlon Dumas, for his talk on Process Mining 2.0. He will present the next generation of process mining techniques and discuss how they can be used to achieve continuous and automated process improvement.

Apromore’s New APAC Consulting Partnership

19 February 2021

Apromore keeps asserting its position as the preferred process mining platform among ERP and BPM consultancy practices in the APAC region.

This week, we give a warm welcome to our new consulting partner IronField, a leading B2B firm with a headquarter in Perth, Australia, providing ERP solutions to enable organizations to scale their complex businesses. This partnership and implementing process mining into their operational excellence services’ portfolio enable IronField to deliver trusted and value-based improvement roadmaps for their digital-transformation-focused clients.

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Customer Story: “Processs Mining Sets a Top-tier Australian Superannuation Company to Save AUD $600K+ per annum”

16 February 2021

One of the largest Australian superannuation funds (private pension mgt) is set to save AUD 600K+ annually and has increased the speed of their processes by nearly 3 times thanks to process mining.

Download the full customer story and find out how our joint forces with our strategic partner Leonardo, a digital transformation consultancy specialist, have helped boost end-to-end process efficiency in the financial sector.

Customer Story: “Process Mining at a Leading Meat Processor in APAC”

09 February 2021

A leading meat processor in APAC has saved over $800K annually and significantly reduced waste by adopting process mining as an essential part of their end-to-end production cycle analysis.

Download the full story and learn how our joint efforts with our strategic partner Leonardo, a digital transformation consultancy expert, have leveraged process mining and lean methods to detect and eliminate waste in the manufacturing sector.

Apromore’s New Partnership in Latin America

04 February 2021

Apromore is dedicated to delivering top-level process mining to the expanding market of LATAM!

This week, we warmly welcome our new consulting partner e-Consulting Global Solutions, a global B2B firm based in Latin America providing management consulting services. This partnership will enable e-Consulting Global Solutions to incorporate process mining into the portfolio of operational excellence services they provide to business consultancy firms across LATAM, North America, and the EU.

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Customer Story: “Process Mining as the Enabler for Process Improvements at The University of Melbourne”

02 February 2021

The University of Melbourne has reduced the turnaround time of its student admission process by up to 65% thanks to implementing process mining as a part of their student journey analysis!

Read about this story and learn how Apromore was used to identify bottlenecks and inconsistencies in the student admission process.

“Process Mining: The Future of Process Optimization”

01 February 2021

Research shows that 62% of companies aim to enhance their current business processes by implementing digital analysis methods. Undeniably, process mining is vital for these methods.

Arvato Systems recognizes this urgent demand and demonstrates the benefits of process mining via GBTEC Software AG’s BIC Process Mining powered by Apromore, in their article “Process Mining: The Future of Process Optimization”. Enjoy the read.

ROI Spreadsheet: Estimate your Return on Investment for Process Mining Capabilities

28 January 2021

How does process mining translate into concrete financial savings? We’ve prepared a workbook that helps you estimate the ROI from your process mining initiative. Quantify the cost of ownership, resources & projects, and obtain an estimate on the savings.

Download your free copy!

Apromore’s New LATAM Consulting Partnership

27 January 2021

We, at Apromore, are pleased to welcome our new LATAM consulting partner, NSI Soluciones!👏🏽

NSI is a BPM consulting firm based in Panama, with a reach across LATAM. For more than a decade, NSI’s team has delivered BPM solutions in the banking, insurance, pharma, telco, higher-ed, and government sectors.

NSI’s process mining team, led by Kay Winkler, is already engaged with Central American clients in scoping and delivering data-driven BPM solutions. This partnership will enable NSI to deliver process improvement projects with a short time-to-value.

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Nos da mucho placer darle la bienvenida a nuestro nuevo partner de consultoria en Latinoamerica, Negocios y Soluciones Informáticas (NSI)! NSI es un grupo de consultores basados en Panamá, con amplia experiencia en implementaciones de procesos de misión crítica en más de 20 países. Los miembros de NSI han entregado soluciones BPM en los sectores de la banca, seguros, farmacéuticos, telecomunicación, educación superior y operaciones gubernamentales

El equipo de mineria de procesos de NSI, liderado por Kay Winkler, ya está trabajando con clientes centroamericanos en el planemiento y entrega de soluciones de mineria de procesos. Esta asociación permitirá a NSI entregar proyectos BPM con corto tiempo de valorización.

Apromore’s New Partnership in APAC

22 January 2021

Apromore’s dedication to delivering the best of process mining to the APAC region is growing!

This week, we give a very warm welcome to our new consulting partner EQUIBT with multiple offices across APAC. EQUIBT will deliver process mining as a part of their business performance consulting services to help organizations bring business transformation to the next level.

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Introducing: Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.19!

20 January 2021

Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.19 is here!

Introducing the newest version of your process mining solution:

  • Integrated state-of-the-art BPMN simulation engine for what-if analysis on process models discovered from logs or manually created
  • New advanced filters: arc/node performance filters and secondary attribute filters for OLAP operations
  • Revamped log animation: new captivating graphics, improved scalability
  • Ability to generate a report or a presentation from a custom dashboard
  • More log import formats (Excel, Parquet)
  • And much more to make your process analysis and process optimization more time and cost-effective!

You can read more in our Release notes.

Interested in trying Apromore 7.19 yourself? Start your free trial and experience how Apromore can accelerate your digital transformation journey!

Customer Story: “Applying the Power of Process Mining to the Public Health Sector”

19 January 2021

A Melbourne hospital has noticeably improved the effectiveness of their patient discharge processes, improved their care routines, and reduced the readmission rate by integrating process mining into their process improvement practices.

Download the full success story and find out how Apromore has made a great difference in the hospital’s process optimization and providing better care to more patients in less time!

Apromore’s new partnership in Latin America

15 January 2021

Apromore is committed to continuing to bring the benefits of process mining to the growing LATAM market!

This week we give a warm welcome to a new LATAM consulting partner Exyge Management Consulting, a leading management consulting company based in Costa Rica, with a reach across Central and South America. Exyge will deliver process mining services as part of their strategy-driven process optimization methodology.

Interested in becoming a consulting partner with Apromore? Get in touch!
Les damos la bienvenida a nuestro primer partner centroamericano, Exyge. Exyge es un equipo de consultores con décadas de experiencia en temas de gerenciamiento, servicios financieros y procesos de áreas de apoyo (finanzas, contabilidad, tesorería, compras, recursos humanos, etc.), dedicados a la optimización de procesos alineada con la estrategia empresarial. El partnership con Apromore permitirá a Exyge aplicar minería de procesos como parte de una estrategia holística de gestión de procesos de negocio.

White Paper: “Keeping a Healthy Operational Backbone with Process Mining”

14 January 2021

As time progresses, cracks emerge in the operational backbones of businesses. Time to rethink the process design?

In order to sustain this backbone healthy in the long run, companies need regular x-rays of their business processes and that’s where process mining takes the lead.

In this white paper, “Keeping a Healthy Operational Backbone with Process Mining, A Five Step Approach”, Apromore in collaboration with its European partner GBTEC Software AG have addressed the know-how of capturing detailed guidance on how to incorporate process mining into organizations’ process improvement journey and its impact on achieving operational excellence.

Download your free copy now!

Customer Story: “Process Mining as a Strategic Asset in INAIL’s Digital Transformation Journey”

12 January 2021

INAIL (‘National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work’) has achieved end-to-end transparency and substantial efficiency gains by adopting process mining as the central component of its digital transformation strategy.

Download the full success story and learn how Apromore and HSPI have helped INAIL to build a process control room with process mining technology!

Apromore’s 1st Consulting Partnership in LATAM

08 January 2021

In the past year, Latin American companies have witnessed an accelerated digital transformation. This has created a wealth of new opportunities for business optimization.

Process mining will be a key enabler to exploit these opportunities. At Apromore, we fully recognize this potential. We are glad to welcome our first LATAM consulting partner: Chilean strategic consulting company Tuwe.

Want to become an Apromore consulting partner? Reach out to us!
El 2020 fue testigo de una aceleración de la digitalización de los servicios y del sector industrial en Latinoamérica. Esto ha creado amplias oportunidades para optimizar los procesos de negocios. En Apromore, estamos listos a ayudar a las empresas latinoamericanas a tomar ventaja de las posibilidades que ofrece la minería de procesos y la inteligencia artificial dentro de una estrategia de optimización operacional guiada por datos. Es con mucho orgullo que anunciamos nuestro primer partner de consultoría en Latinoamérica: TUWE, un grupo de consultores chilenos dedicados a la consultoría en gestión
de procesos, gestión del cambio, estrategia y liderazgo.

White Paper: “Enhancing Business Process Management with Process Mining”

07 January 2021

Hundreds of success stories have made it clear that process mining enhances the effectiveness of BPM efforts.

But how does process mining fit across the stages of the BPM lifecycle? How does it support process redesign, process change, and execution? How does process mining relate to the activities in the DMAIC cycle?

In his white paper, “Enhancing BPM with Process Mining”, Apromore’s Principal Consultant Max Tay addresses these questions, while providing step-by-step guidance on how to blend process mining into BPM and DMAIC efforts.

Download your copy for free.

Customer Story: “Process Mining at a Large European Insurance Company”

05 January 2021

Learn how Apromore’s leading process mining technology has helped a large European insurer save EUR 15M annually! Download the full story and read how Apromore together with SCS Consulting and HSPI Consulenti di Direzione partners have achieved this result.

Apromore’s Achievements in 2020

30 December 2020

We are humbled and proud to share with you a short summary of our growth and pinnacle moments in 2020.

After leveraging over AUD 10M in research and seed funding, this year marks our Series A fundraising of AUD 6.8M.

Apromore’s results have been recognized and awarded by multiple world-renowned organizations, such as Gartner, Everest Group, InfoWorld, and more.

A significant acknowledgment also goes to all of you and your continuing support, which has been an essential part of this process and reached milestones!

Apromore in Melbourne Connect

17 December 2020

We are thrilled to become a new tenant in the University of Melbourne’s vibrant Melbourne Connect ecosystem! A brand new space in the heart of Melbourne, where great minds at the forefront of research and startup innovation collide.

Watch the video of our new office-home.

Apromore amongst the 101 Best Analytics Startups of 2020

12 December 2020

Apromore has been selected as one of the 101 Best Analytics Startups of 2020, by The Startup Pill!
The ranking is based on multiple factors: innovation, growth, management, and societal impact. We are very proud and honored!

Find out further details here.

Apromore’s Academic Alliance

03 December 2020

Less than 4 months after its launch, Apromore’s Academic Alliance is already benefitting over 2,500 students in more than 50 universities and higher education institutions across 27 countries!

This strong reception in the academic community is heartwarming for us! We are proud of our origins in academic research and we continue to actively cooperate with top process mining research groups worldwide.

For more information, visit our Academic Alliance.

Apromore with GBTEC are the Official Process Mining Solution Providers for proALPHA

16 October 2020

We are proud and excited to announce that Apromore and GBTEC Software AG are the official process mining solution providers for proALPHA, the 3rd largest ERP vendor in the DACH region! This partnership will allow proALPHA users to leverage the power of BIC Process Mining by Apromore to gain insights into and continuously improve their business processes. This is the result of an extensive tender guided by RWTH Aachen University.

GBTEC explains the impact of our solution: “With the automatic discovery and analysis of processes, process mining offers great potential for savings, especially for regular tasks in companies. BIC Process Mining by Apromore uses data from a wide variety of source systems […] and creates process models. In these models, the tool depicts possible weak points, error proneness, and bottlenecks.”
Find more details.

The Best Open-Source Software of 2020

12 October 2020

InfoWorld has announced the best open-source software of 2020 / aka the “BOSSIE Awards”. We are proud and honored to learn that Apromore is one of the 25 awarded tools!

According to InfoWorld, Apromore provides users with “accurate view insights into your IT systems […] by analyzing KPIs from your IT back end, ingesting BPMN activities and flows and creating dependency graphs”. InfoWorld also highlights the fact that “…the metrics and visual insights provided by Apromore will do wonders to inform your change impact analyses and end-to-end optimization efforts in your enterprise workflows.”

Apromore shares the BOSSIE Award with prominent open-source software projects including Apache Airflow, Drupal, and Redis. And it’s the only Australian company in the mix! Congrats to the other 24 winners!

Read more details about the BOSSIE Award.

Apromore at ICPM 2020, the Top Process Mining Annual Conference

4 – 9 October 2020

The 2nd International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM) 2020 took place virtually. Nearly 2,000 participants attended the online event! It was a week full of industry experts, knowledge-armed academics, and other high-profile individuals sharing their valuable insights on process mining.

Missed anything? We have you covered:

  1. Watch the Industry Panel on present and future of process mining, led by Gartner’s Marc Kerremans and our CEO Marcello La Rosa, with, among others, our Co-Founder Marlon Dumas. 
  2. Have a Walkthrough of Apromore Enterprise Edition, v. 7.18 showcased by Marlon at the Industry Day – at the virtual booth of our partner HSPI Consulenti di Direzione.
  3. Don’t forget INAIL’s case study with their CIO Stefano Tomasini and Process Transformation Lead Roberta Grimaldi, showing how process mining has become a strategic IT asset at INAIL. The presentation captured how process mining with Apromore is supporting INAIL’s digital transformation journey.
  4. Watch the webinar “Process Mining 2.0, The Future of Process Mining“, where Marlon talks about our vision on where process mining will be in 2025 and beyond: prescriptive monitoring, robotic process mining, data-driven simulation, and causal process mining are some of the key ingredients of Process Mining 2.0.

Apromore Named Representative Vendor for the 2nd Time in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Process Mining

3 October 2020

We are honored to be recognized as a representative vendor by Gartner’s latest Market Guide for process mining for the second year in a row!

The guide highlights Apromore’s focus on business process improvement, audit and compliance, as well as its leading-edge features, commenting that Apromore “…focuses significantly more than its competitors on conformance checking and gap analysis capabilities, followed by intelligent support for model enhancement.

This is the result of our long-standing research experience and a deep understanding of the process mining and BPM disciplines, the true backbone of the Apromore R&D.

Access the report [1h read, under payment gateway].

Introducing Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.18!

1 October 2020

Our latest release features a revamped performance dashboard design that provides a birds-eye 360-degrees view into process performance via a collection of fully customizable charts, tables, and performance indicators. Apromore 7.18 also brings enhanced access control and file management along with many other goodies to delight users. You can read more in our Release notes.

Join us on this thrilling journey and watch a quick video tour guiding you through the fully customizable performance dashboard and how it can serve you to scale your process improvement initiatives.

Best BPM Dissertation Runner-Up Award & Best BPM Demo Award at 18th BPM Conference

17 September 2020

Wonderful results at the 18th Int. Conference on Business Process Management! Dr Adriano Augusto was awarded the Best BPM Dissertation Runner-Up Award, for his work on Split Miner. This algorithm, which underpins Apromore’s BPMN process discoverer, has been shown to outperform other techniques on real datasets, both in terms of accuracy and scalability. Volodymyr Leno and team were awarded the Best BPM Demo Award for their work on Robidium, a toolchain to mine RPA bots from user interaction logs. Robidium sets the foundations for Apromore’s approach to robotic process mining.

Launching the US Trial Node of Apromore Enterprise Edition

7 September 2020

Due to popular demand from our process mining fans in U.S. and Latam, we have launched an Apromore in USA. So whichever part of the world you’re in, you’ll find an Apromore trial server for you.

Start your free trial.

The Apromore Process Mining Academic Alliance is Thriving

5 September 2020

Less than one month from the launch of Apromore’s Process Mining Academic Alliance, over 60 educators in 40+ universities across 20+ countries have joined the Alliance, providing process mining education to more than 2000 students per year. We look forward to sharing our teaching experience in process mining and learning from our colleagues.

Join the Process Mining Academic Alliance.

Apromore Community Edition 7.15 is out!

3 September 2020

We’ve released Apromore Community Edition 7.15! This is our 100% free and open-source process mining solution, featuring the core functionality of our flagship commercial product + some advanced features such as predictive process monitoring.

Check out Apromore’s editions & Release notes.

The Story of Apromore Featured in The University of Melbourne’s Research Hub

27 July 2020

The story of Apromore, from research to commercialization, is featured in a research partnership case study on The University of Melbourne’s Research Hub.

Read the article [5min].

Today Is Our 10th Birthday!

23 July 2020

On this day, ten years ago, we released Apromore 0.1. Despite being commercially young, our R&D roots go back to ten years ago. It’s been a long journey from a research concept to a leading-edge process mining solution. We are proud of our roots and committed to keep up our research-driven and open-source spirit, while delighting our users with our sleek UI and our down-to-earth approach to advanced process analytics. Curious about what our research on Apromore looked like ten years ago?

Read the very first paper on Apromore! [2h].

Apromore Gets XES Certified

17 July 2020

Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.16 obtained XES Certification for the import and export levels A1, B1, C1 and D1.

Check out the report here [1h read].

Apromore raises AU$6.84M in Series A Fundraising Led by German Software Vendor GBTEC

6 July 2020

We are proud to announce the completion of our Series A fundraising of AU$6.84 million (EUR 4 million). The round was led by German BPM software specialist GBTEC and also involved investments from Australia-based consulting and technology firm Leonardo and The University of Melbourne, which helped to incubate Apromore prior to spin off.

The investment will allow us to strengthen our product development capacity and to expand into the realm of AI-driven automated process improvement, including robotic process mining, prescriptive process analytics, and automated decision optimization. 

Read the Press release [2min].

Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.16 is out!

30 June 2020

Our latest version features new functionality such as the ability to create a variety of custom dashboard widgets and to export performance analytics for use in third-party BI tools. This version also brings in many improvements, with a focus on improved memory management for a smoother user experience.

Try it out for free on the cloud. Read the Release notes.

Apromore Featured on Ticino Management

14 June 2020

Our partners Thinking Solutions (Switzerland) and HSPI (Italy) have co-authored an article on Ticino Management, showcasing their approach to modern business process management using process mining with Apromore. They describe typical use cases for process mining and market uptake.

Read the article [10min – in Italian].

IIBA Seminar on Process Analysis & Process Automation

3 June 2020

Our CEO Marcello La Rosa talks about process mining in a time of crisis for the Australian Chapter of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) Process Analytics & Process Automation series.

More information and access to the video recording here.

Nortal Becomes Our First Partner in Eastern Europe

29 May 2020

We are delighted to welcome Nortal as our first partner in Eastern Europe. is a multinational strategic change and technology company. Nortal has 20 years of experience in digitizing governments and healthcare institutions as well as creating a competitive edge and agility for large businesses, industry and manufacturing companies with a strategic data-driven approach. The company is present in 10 countries and employs 850 specialists who carry out high-impact digital transformation projects across Europe, North America and the GCC. Nortal embraces process mining as a key tool in its data-driven digital transformation arsenal.

Read the Press release [2min].

The Story of Apromore in an Interview for the Task Force On Process Mining Newsletter

29 May 2020

Our CEO has fully open-sourced the story of Apromore in an interview for the newsletter of the Task Force on Process Mining. The story exposes the origins of Apromore, all the way from the initial idea and first steps as a research prototype, through to the “gotcha moment” which inspired the Apromore team to prepare for commercial launch, the development of the “Democratize process mining!” vision, and how the first commercial customers were acquired.

Read the interview [10min].

Seminar: Process Mining in Action – Live Demonstration of Process Mining Techniques using Apromore

10 June 2020

As a follow-up to our seminar on 13 May, our CEO Marcello La Rosa, together with Ian Edwards, Principal Consultant at our partner Leonardo, deliver another seminar with a focus on the “how” of process mining. Using Apromore they show concretely how to identify opportunities for improvement along the efficiency, quality, compliance and agility dimensions.

Watch the seminar [1h 4min].

Seminar: How Process Mining Can Help You Improve Operational Efficiency in a Time of Global Crisis

13 May 2020

Our CEO Marcello La Rosa joins forces with Ian Edwards, Principal Consultant at our partner Leonardo, to deliver a seminar on process mining. Supported by a compelling case study and different anecdotes based on their experiences, Marcello and Ian cover different process mining capabilities, with a specific focus on how to use these capabilities during a time of global crisis, such as the one we are living in with COVID-19.

Watch the seminar [1h 4min].

Apromore and Ovations Group Team Up to Bring Open-Source Process Mining to South Africa

7 May 2020

We are delighted to welcome Ovations Group as our first partner in the African continent. This strategic partnership will enable us to combine our accumulated know-how in the field of process mining with Ovations Group’s deep expertise in process automation and management. After our tremendous uptake in Europe and Australia, this is a major milestone in the development of our vision to democratize process mining.

Lean more.

Launching Our COVID-19 Promotion

20 April 2020

To help organizations alleviate the burden of the current COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to extend our free trial subscription to Apromore Enterprise Edition from 30 to 90 days. This special offer, available as SaaS only, entitles you to use Apromore EE with no limitations, including free use for commercial purposes and free technical support. This is a great opportunity to try out Apromore on your first process mining project!

Register by 31 May 2020 to activate your 90-day trial, and contact us if you need support.

Seminar: Process Mining & Predictive Monitoring – From Technology to Business Value

17 April 2020

Our Co-Founder and Partnerships Manager Marlon Dumas delivered an open webinar on Value-Driven Process Mining through the University of Tartu. The seminar was attended by over 250 participants across the globe!

Watch the seminar [1h 3min].

Seminar: Process Mining & Predictive Monitoring – From Technology to Business Value

17 April 2020

Our CEO Marcello La Rosa gave a webinar on value-driven process mining in cooperation with our Italian partner HSPI. The seminar was accompanied by a live demonstration of the latest version of Apromore Enterprise Edition.

Watch the seminar [1h 32min].

Apromore landed in Japan!

26 March 2020

Mitsubishi Research Institute (DCS) describes how to take your first analysis steps in Apromore Enterprise Edition. The author, Murata, describes Apromore as “very easy to analyze with just a click of a button.”

Read the article [10min – in Japanese].

Apromore named “Major Contender” in Everest Group’s Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020

3 March 2020

Apromore has been named “Major Contender” in the Process Mining PEAK Matrix® Assessment for 2020, by Everest Group. The report assesses process mining vendors based on market impact, capability to deliver and vision.

This accolade, which confirms previous acknowledgments from Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Process Mining and Forrester’s 2020 Now Tech, arrives after only six months from opening the shop, and refers to our very first version of Apromore Enterprise Edition (version 7.5), back in August 2019.

We are now in version 7.14 and the tool has since evolved dramatically both in terms of usability and functionality, while remaining anchored to its solid open-source core.

Access the report [1h read].

Dr Adriano Augusto – The Mind behind Split Miner – Obtains his Doctoral Degree

14 February 2020

Dr Adriano Augusto obtained his doctoral degree with a thesis titled “Accurate and Efficient Discovery of Process Models from Event Logs” – a joint PhD between The University of Melbourne and University of Tartu, under the supervision of Marcello La Rosa and Marlon Dumas. The thesis’ main contribution is the design, implementation and evaluation of Split Miner, arguably the most sophisticated algorithm for discovering BPMN models from event logs. Split Miner underpins Apromore’s automated discovery capability. Well done Adriano!

Read Adriano’s thesis [several days].

Marlon Dumas Interviewed for the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining Newsletter

1 February 2020

Our Co-Founder Marlon Dumas has released an interview for the newsletter of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining about the past, present and future of process mining, focusing on how we are moving from process mining as an analysis toolset to process mining as an operational and tactical intelligence toolset for continuous process improvement.

Read the Marlon’s interview [10min].

HSPI releases 2020 version of the Process Mining Project Database

26 January 2020

Our partner HSPI has released their 2020 version of the Process Mining Project Database, a comprehensive census of process mining case studies curated by HSPI and Hesplora Process Mining Laboratory.

The report contains 551 case studies from 27 countries. Apromore is featured with 20 case studies, including applications in banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, higher education and the public sector.

Access the report [1h read].

Apromore Featured in Forrester’s Now Tech

6 January 2020

Apromore has been featured in Forrester’s Now Tech: Process Mining And Documentation, Q1 2020. This is Forrester’s overview of the process modeling and mining vendors landscape based on market presence and functionality.

The report features 21 representative products, and provides indications on main use cases for process mining, as well as valuable recommendations on how to drive automation strategies using process mining and documentation.

Access the report [30min read].

Seminar for the Australian BPM Roundtable

4 December 2019

Our CEO Marcello La Rosa talked about process mining and Apromore at the Australian BPM Roundtable, in Brisbane, Australia. Lots of interest in the topic and interactions with the audience!

Apromore at the APAC Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

27 October 2019

We were at the APAC Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, Gold Coast, Australia, with our partner Leonardo, to talk about how process mining can help drive innovation and operational excellence and demonstrate the latest version of Apromore.

Our public course on process mining was a success!

21 August 2019

Great turn up at our 2.5-day public training on process mining delivered via The University of Melbourne. Our CEO Marcello La Rosa talked to an audience of 20 participants about process mining capabilities, and put them to practice via use cases and exercises using Apromore.

You can find more information on our training services here.

Interview for the ICPM Conference

29 June 2019

Our CEO Marcello La Rosa was interviewed by the ICPM conference organizers on the conference, its technical program and the future of the process mining discipline.

Watch the interview.

Interview for Celonis

25 June 2019

Our CEO Marcello La Rosa has released an interview to Celonis on the ICPM conference, process mining research & practice, Robotic Process Automation, Apromore and more.

Watch the interview.

Apromore named representative vendor in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Process Mining

17 June 2019

Apromore has been featured among 19 representative vendors in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Process Mining. The report provides an overview of process mining’s key techniques and use cases, and discusses relative merits of each product. Gartner praises the level of sophistication of Apromore’s automated discovery engine, based on the Split Miner algorithm, and its intelligence capabilities for predictive monitoring and drift discovery & explanation.

According to Gartner: “[…] Apromore focuses more on the business process improvement, and the audit and compliance use cases. Our survey revealed that it focuses significantly more than its competitors on intelligent support for model enhancement, and on predictive analytics.”

Access the report [1h, under payment gateway].

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