18 September 2020: Our CEO shares his thoughts on how to accelerate digital transformation with process mining in the latest BusinessOptix webinar. Watch the recording below.

17 September 2020: Wonderful results at the 18th International Conference on Business Process Management. Dr Adriano Augusto was awarded the Best BPM Dissertation Runner-Up Award, for his work on Split Miner. This algorithm, which underpins Apromore’s BPMN process discoverer, has been shown to outperform other techniques on real datasets, both in terms of accuracy and scalability. Volodymyr Leno and team were awarded the Best BPM Demo Award for their work on Robidium, a toolchain to mine RPA bots from user interaction logs. Robidium sets the foundations for Apromore’s approach to robotic process mining.

15 September 2020: Marcello La Rosa talks about privacy as part of a panel on “Privacy in Data-Driven Process Analysis – More Chance or Risk for Industry Adoption?” organized at the 18th International Conference on Business Process Management. Watch the video statement.

7 September 2020: Due to popular demand from our process mining fans in U.S. and Latam, we have launched an Apromore trial node in USA. So whichever part of the world you’re in, you’ll find an Apromore trial server for you.

5 September 2020: Less than one month from the launch of Apromore’s Process Mining Academic Alliance, over 60 educators in 40+ universities across 20+ countries have joined the Alliance, providing process mining education to more than 2000 students per year. We look forward to sharing our teaching experience in process mining and learning from our colleagues. Click here if you want to know more about the Process Mining Academic Alliance.

3 September 2020: Apromore Community Edition 7.15 is out! This is our 100% free and open-source process mining solution, featuring the core functionality of our flagship commercial product + some advanced features such as predictive process monitoring. Download page & Release notes.

27 July 2020: The story of Apromore, from research to commercialization, is featured in a research partnership case study on The University of Melbourne’s Research Hub. Read the article [5 min read].

23 July 2020: On this day, ten years ago, we released Apromore 0.1. Despite being commercially young, our R&D roots go back to ten years ago. It’s been a long journey from a research concept to a leading-edge process mining solution. We are proud of our roots and committed to keep up our research-driven and open-source spirit, while delighting our users with our sleek UI and our down-to-earth approach to advanced process analytics. Curious about what our research on Apromore looked like ten years ago? Read the very first paper on Apromore!

17 July 2020: Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.16 obtained XES Certification for the import and export levels A1, B1, C1 and D1. Check out the report here.

6 July 2020: We are proud to announce the completion of our Series A fundraising of AU$6.84 million (EUR 4 million). The round was led by German BPM software specialist GBTEC and also involved investments from Australia-based consulting and technology firm Leonardo and The University of Melbourne, which helped to incubate Apromore prior to spin off.

The investment will allow us to strengthen our product development capacity and to expand into the realm of AI-driven automated process improvement, including robotic process mining, prescriptive process analytics, and automated decision optimization. 

Press release.

30 June 2020: Apromore Enterprise Edition version 7.16 is out. Our latest version features new functionality such as the ability to create a variety of custom dashboard widgets and to export performance analytics for use in third-party BI tools. This version also brings in many improvements, with a focus on improved memory management for a smoother user experience. Try it out for free on the cloud.

Release notes.

26 June 2020: More vacancies: Sales & Marketing Director and Business Support Officer. More details and applications through our Careers page.

18 June 2020: We are hiring 2 Senior Full Stack Java Developers in our Melbourne team! Take a look at the current vacancies on our Careers page.

14 June 2020: The video of our seminar “Process Mining in Action with Apromore” delivered with Leonardo is now available. Click on the link below to watch it [duration: 1h 10min].

11 June 2020: Our partners Thinking Solutions (Switzerland) and HSPI (Italy) have co-authored an article [in Italian] on Ticino Management, showcasing their approach to modern business process management using process mining with Apromore. They describe typical use cases for process mining and market uptake.

29 May 2020: We are delighted to welcome Nortal as our first partner in Eastern Europe. is a multinational strategic change and technology company. Nortal has 20 years of experience in digitizing governments and healthcare institutions as well as creating a competitive edge and agility for large businesses, industry and manufacturing companies with a strategic data-driven approach. The company is present in 10 countries and employs 850 specialists who carry out high-impact digital transformation projects across Europe, North America and the GCC. Nortal embraces process mining as a key tool in its data-driven digital transformation arsenal.

Press release.

22 May 2020: On 3rd June, Marcello La Rosa will talk about process mining in a time of crisis for the Australian Chapter of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) Process Analytics & Process Automation series. More information and registrations here.

16 May 2020: Our CEO has fully open-sourced the story of Apromore in an interview for the newsletter of the Task Force on Process Mining. The story exposes the origins of Apromore, all the way from the initial idea and first steps as a research prototype, through to the “gotcha moment” which inspired the Apromore team to prepare for commercial launch, the development of the “Democratize process mining!” vision, and how the first commercial customers were acquired. Read the full interview here.

15 May 2020: As a follow-up to our seminar on 13 May, Marcello & Ian will deliver another seminar on 10 June, where the focus will be the “how” of process mining. Using Apromore they will show concretely how to identify opportunities for improvement along the efficiency, quality, compliance and agility dimensions.

To know more and register for free, click on the banner below.

13 May 2020: Our CEO Marcello La Rosa talked about process mining in a time of crisis with Ian Edwards, Principal Consultant with our partner Leonardo. Great participation and lots of questions. You can watch the video below.

7 May 2020: We are delighted to welcome Ovations Group as our first partner in the African continent. This strategic partnership will enable us to combine our accumulated know-how in the field of process mining with Ovations Group’s deep expertise in process automation and management. After our tremendous uptake in Europe and Australia, this is a major milestone in the development of our vision to democratize process mining. Lean more

29 April 2020: On 13 May, our CEO Marcello La Rosa will deliver a seminar on process mining in a time of global crisis, organized by our partner Leonardo. Ian Edwards, Consulting Principal from Leonardo, will join him on the virtual stage and enrich the discussion with experience from the trenches. The seminar will be at 12.30PM AEST, and be recorded so if you are in a different timezone, you can watch it on-demand.

To know more and register for free, click on the banner below.

20 April 2020: To help organizations alleviate the burden of the current COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to extend our free trial subscription to Apromore Enterprise Edition from 30 to 90 days. This special offer, available as SaaS only, entitles you to use Apromore EE with no limitations, including free use for commercial purposes and free technical support. This is a great opportunity to try out Apromore on your first process mining project!

Register by 31 May 2020 to activate your 90-day trial, and contact us if you need support.

17 April 2020: It was webinar week at Apromore! On Wednesday, our co-founder Marlon Dumas delivered a Webinar on open-source process mining in cooperation with our Nordic partner Breakawai. On Friday 17 April, we held two webinars back to back. Marlon delivered an open webinar on Value-Driven Process Mining.

On the same day, our CEO Marcello La Rosa gave a webinar on the same topic, in Italian, in cooperation with our Italian partner HSPI. Both webinars were accompanied by a live demonstration of the latest version of Apromore Enterprise Edition.

26 March 2020: Apromore landed in Japan! An article from Mitsubishi Research Institute (DCS) describes how to take your first analysis steps in Apromore Enterprise Edition. The author, Murata, describes Apromore as “very easy to analyze with just a click of a button.”

3 March 2020: Apromore has been named a “Major Contender” in Everest Group’s Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020. The report assesses process mining vendors based on market impact, capability to deliver and vision.

This accolade, which confirms previous acknowledgments from Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Process Mining and Forrester’s 2020 Now Tech, arrives after only six months from opening the shop, and refers to our very first version of Apromore Enterprise Edition (version 7.5), back in August 2019.

We are now in version 7.14 and the tool has since evolved dramatically both in terms of usability and functionality, while remaining anchored to its solid open-source core. Contact us to find out more about Apromore’s current features and development roadmap.

The PEAK Matrix® report can be accessed here.

14 February 2020: Dr Adriano Augusto obtained his doctoral degree with a thesis titled “Accurate and Efficient Discovery of Process Models from Event Logs” – a joint PhD between The University of Melbourne and University of Tartu, under the supervision of Marcello La Rosa and Marlon Dumas. The thesis’ main contribution is the design, implementation and evaluation of Split Miner, arguably the most sophisticated algorithm for discovering BPMN models from event logs. Split Miner underpins Apromore’s automated discovery capability. Well done Adriano!

1 February 2020: Marlon Dumas has released an interview for the newsletter of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining about the past, present and future of process mining, focusing on how we are moving from process mining as an analysis toolset to process mining as an operational and tactical intelligence toolset for continuous process improvement. Read the full interview here.

26 January 2020: HSPI has released their 2020 version of the Process Mining Project Database, a comprehensive census of process mining case studies curated by HSPI and Hesplora Process Mining Laboratory.

The report contains 551 case studies from 27 countries. Apromore is featured with 20 case studies, including applications in banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, higher education and the public sector.

HSPI’s Process Mining Project Database 2020 can be accessed here.

6 January 2020: Apromore has been featured in Forrester’s Now Tech: Process Mining And Documentation, Q1 2020. This is Forrester’s overview of the process modeling and mining vendors landscape based on market presence and functionality.

The report features 21 representative products, and provides indications on main use cases for process mining, as well as valuable recommendations on how to drive automation strategies using process mining and documentation.

Forrester’s Now Tech report can be accessed here.

4 December 2019: We talked about process mining and Apromore at the Australian BPM Roundtable, in Brisbane, Australia.

27-29 October 2019: We were at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, Gold Coast, Australia, with our partner Leonardo, to talk about how process mining can help drive innovation and operational excellence and demonstrate the latest version of Apromore.

21-23 August 2019: Great turn up to our 2.5-day public training on process mining at The University of Melbourne. You can find more information on our training services here.

26 June 2019: Our CEO Marcello La Rosa was interviewed by the ICPM conference organizers on the conference, its technical program and the future of the process mining discipline.

25 June 2019: Marcello La Rosa has released an interview to Celonis on the ICPM conference, process mining research & practice, Robotic Process Automation, Apromore and more.

17 June 2019: Apromore has been featured among 19 representative vendors in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Process Mining. The report provides an overview of process mining’s key techniques and use cases, and discusses relative merits of each product. Gartner praises the level of sophistication of Apromore’s automated discovery engine, based on the Split Miner algorithm, and its intelligence capabilities for predictive monitoring and drift discovery & explanation.

According to Gartner: “[…] Apromore focuses more on the business process improvement, and the audit and compliance use cases. Our survey revealed that it focuses significantly more than its competitors on intelligent support for model enhancement, and on predictive analytics.”

Gartner’s Market Guide for Process Mining 2019 can be accessed here.

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