Apromore is a leading-edge open-source business process analytics platform, supporting the full suite of process mining functionality, from automated process discovery through to predictive process intelligence. These features are complemented by advanced features for authoring and managing process model collections, underpinned by an enterprise process repository.

Key benefits

Leading-edge: Apromore is the result of a decade of extensive research and continuous innovation in the field of process mining at The University of Melbourne and several labs across Australia and Europe. It incorporates the most advanced algorithms for automated process discovery, conformance checking, performance mining and variants analysis, and features a unique AI-based predictive monitoring engine.
Enterprise-grade: Apromore has been tried and tested by leading organisations across a wide range of industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, higher education and logistics. It features a multi-tenant collaborative space for creating, managing and exchanging both business process models and event logs.
Open-source: Apromore is open-source from its roots and supported by a lively community of researchers and professionals around the world. Open source is synonym of transparency, openness, neutrality and extensibility. Licensed under LGPL 3.0 and built upon a robust plugin framework based on OSGi, Apromore can seamlessly be integrated with proprietary systems and custom extensions.


Apromore comes in two editions:
The Community Edition includes the core Apromore platform and all the experimental plugins developed by the open-source community. You can try it on one of our public nodes or download a distribution.
The Enterprise Edition is a fully-maintained and supported edition, which includes performance optimizations, commercially-licensed add-ons and connectors on top of the Apromore core platform. Check out our professional services and contact us to request a demo.