Apromore is an open-source, online business process analytics platform, supporting the full suite of process mining functionality from automated process discovery through to predictive process monitoring. These features are complemented by advanced features for authoring process models and managing process model collections.

Key benefits

Leading-edge: Led by The University of Melbourne and involving over 20 researchers across Australia and Europe, Apromore is the result of a decade of extensive research and continuous innovation in the field of process mining.

Enterprise-grade: Apromore has been tried and tested by leading organisations in Australia and Europe across a wide range of industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

Open-source: Apromore is open-source from its roots and is licensed under LGPL 3.0, enabling the integration with proprietary systems and the co-existence of custom extensions.

Check out Apromore’s key features and our professional services. You can try Apromore on the cloud or download a distribution to install in your local intranet/machine.

From then to now…

Originally conceived as an advanced process model repository, today Apromore offers a wide range of features which go beyond those for managing large process model collections, and include a variety of state-of-the-art process mining features, from automated process discovery through to performance mining, conformance checking, variants analysis and predictive process monitoring.

For example, Apromore was the first tool to provide automated discovery of rich BPMN models, the comparison of BPMN models and event logs for conformance checking, the detection and characterization of process drifts from event logs, the replaying of event logs on top of BPMN models, the visual analysis of stage-based process performance, and the predictive monitoring of process performance.

Classical capabilities for managing process model collections include creating and editing process models (both bpmn.io and Signavio core components are supported), models filtering, clone detection, querying, similarity search, comparison, variants merging, support for configurable models, structuring and process simulation.

All of Apromore’s features are exposed through a Web Portal, and organized according to the phases of the BPM (Business Process Management) lifecycle: discovery, analysis,redesign,implementation and monitoring. These features can also be accessed as external Web services by third-party tools.

The repository can store process models in different modeling languages, such as BPMN, XPDL, EPML, PNML, AML (the ARIS export format) and YAWL. And through the use of its internal canonical process format, Apromore allows models to be converted from one language to the other. In addition, Apromore can import event logs in the XES format (an IEEE standard), as well as in CSV and in the old MXML format.