Apromore is a collaborative business process analytics platform supporting the full spectrum of process mining functionality. These features are complemented by an authoring environment for business process models, underpinned by an enterprise process repository.

Why Apromore?

Let your data talk! Process mining is all about business process improvement, but in a data-driven way. Starting from the transactional data recorded by your enterprise systems, Apromore will reverse-engineer the business processes hidden in your data, and put you in a position to analyse these processes for effective change.

Achieve Transparency

Expose your processes as they really are, not as you may imagine them. Back up your hypotheses with evidence and debunk common myths around your operations.  

Boost Productivity

Uncover bottlenecks and constraints, and quantify their effect on your key performance indicators. Expose your sources of waste and root causes of poor performance.

Monitor Compliance

Detect deviant behaviour, compliance violations and potential risks, and assess their impact on your business.

Enhance Customer Experience

Extract actionable insights to improve customer experience. Predict and tune process performance to exceed customer expectations.

“Using Apromore has been instrumental to start on the right foot in our journey towards adopting process mining in our organisation. It allowed us to focus on value creation for our business and for the whole organisation, to develop skills in the process mining discipline and meanwhile to contain costs and effort.”

Cinzia Facetti

Head of “Finance: Treasury and FX&MM: at Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group

Apromore’s DNA

Customers choose Apromore because it’s:


Apromore is the result of a decade of extensive research and innovation in process mining at The University of Melbourne and several labs across the globe, leading to the most advanced process mining algorithms ever developed.


Apromore is open-source from its roots and supported by a lively community of researchers and professionals around the world. Built upon a robust plugin framework, Apromore can seamlessly be integrated with proprietary systems and custom extensions.


Apromore has been used by leading organisations across a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, IT service management, education, manufacturing and logistics.


Whether you are a business professional working in an enterprise, a freelance analyst, a researcher or a student, we’ve got you covered! Apromore comes in two editions:

The Community Edition is fully open-source and free to use. It includes the Apromore core platform and all the experimental plugins developed by the research community. Use it to try out Apromore’s core functionality and any experimental feature. This version is not maintained nor supported. You can download it.

The Enterprise Edition is a fully-maintained and supported edition for professional use. It includes performance optimisations, commercially-licensed add-ons and connectors on top of the open-source Apromore core platform. It is available as SaaS or on-premise. Check out our professional services and contact us to request a demo.