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What is Process Mining?

Are you new to process mining? Learn about its basics and why so many businesses around the world have adopted it.


Business processes are the operational backbones of every organization. The most common example is probably the end-to-end process “Purchase-to-Pay” which covers all necessary steps between the purchase of goods/services to vendor payment. Due to evolving customer needs, changing market forces, and processual workarounds, hidden cracks might emerge in the operational backbones, opening the organization up to a range of risks.

This is where process mining can help!

How does it work?

Process mining is a family of techniques that allows businesses to analyze the structure, performance and conformance of business processes based on the data produced during their execution. It allows you to take an X-Ray of your operational backbone – your process landscape!

In today’s digital era, most business operations are supported by enterprise systems. When carefully configured and maintained, such IT systems allow businesses to deliver consistent quality while maintaining high efficiency. These information systems record a large amount of valuable transactional data, for example, every time a purchase order is made, or when a service is delivered. Invaluable information just waiting to be brought to light! Process mining software does exactly that! It analyzes large collections of this data, so-called event logs, to help organizations discover and analyze their real business processes.



The main benefits of process mining software

Process mining software complements tactical business intelligence (BI) dashboards. While tactical BI dashboards allow managers and analysts to get an aggregate picture of the health of a business process, process mining techniques allow us to dig deeper. They enable businesses to take on a data-driven approach, basing their decisions on the actual execution of workflows, rather than expectation-based process maps.

Process mining allows us to achieve a range of benefits, including:

  • Data-based Business Process Management  Understand how your processes are being executed by creating “as-is” models based on real data.
  • In-depth understanding of Process Performance  Unpack the performance of your processes down to the level of individual tasks and resources to understand where frictions originate from.
  • Insights into processual differences Differentiate between process variants to understand the differences between favorable and unfavorable process outcomes.
  • Monitor process compliance Characterize deviations from policies and regulations and understand the root causes of such deviations to minimize risks.
  • Make data-driven predictions Predict process performance and outcomes as processes unfold to make even better decisions in the future!

Unlock the full potential of process mining with Apromore

Process mining software is the base for enhanced process performance, increased customer satisfaction, and successful digital transformation initiatives!



Do you want to learn more about process mining and its vast benefits? Download our whitepaper “Keeping a Healthy Operational Backbone with Process Mining: A Five-Step Approach” to dig deeper into the successful implementation of process mining software.



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