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Introducing Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.19

  • Integrated simulation engine: you can now define simulation scenarios on top of BPMN models to simulate both as-is and what-if scenarios and assess the impact of potential improvements. The simulated logs can be analyzed using a dedicated dashboard that highlights all key measures and with any other process mining plugin available in Apromore.
  • New performance filters: you can now filter by arc or node duration, e.g. filter by the duration of a particular activity, resource, or other categorical attributes in the log.
  • New secondary attribute filters: you can now filter out cases based on two attributes simultaneously, e.g. all cases where a given activity is performed by a given resource or resources.
  • Sharing and concurrent editing: you can now associate multiple dashboards and filters with a log, and such artefacts can be edited by multiple users concurrently.
  • New report-generating capability: you can now export your custom dashboard in a variety of formats and generate a report or a presentation.
  • Improvements to log animation: the performance and look and feel of log animation has been significantly improved.
  • Improvements to log import: you can now import logs in Apache Parquet and Excel XLSX formats. When importing a log, the timezone is now automatically detected. Timestamp detection has also been extended, with new formats now supported.

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