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Introducing Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.20

  • New Integration Center powered by Apache Airflow to connect with multiple client systems for both data ingestion and egestion
  • New graphical ETL Console, to easily define and schedule complex data ingestion pipelines
  • Support for SSO, to integrate with SAML or OpenID corporate identity providers
  • Increased security posture throughout the product with the ability to store event logs in a dedicated client-encrypted data volume
  • Ownership transfer, to ensure business continuity with asset transfers between users
  • Fine-grained sharing capabilities, to restrict viewer rights to specific dashboards or filters, and grant access to different user cohorts (e.g. two different dashboards for the same log, accessed by different managers)
  • New and enhanced filtering capabilities: new filters (e.g. case length filter to filter out irrelevant case lengths for better focus) and optimized filtering performance for large datasets
  • Various performance optimizations throughout the product

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