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ARC Linkage QUT-Suncorp

Project title: “Facilitating Business Process Standardisation and Reuse”

One of the most pressing management challenges of today’s organisations lies in the reuse and standardisation of best practices across different sectors, products or units. This project aims to design and develop an innovative process model repository and appropriate governance structures to efficiently and effectively support the standardisation and reuse of best practices.

Work Streams

Work Stream I: Advanced Repository Features

This work stream focuses on the design, implementation and testing of advanced features for the management of (large) process model collections. Particular emphasis will be put on the design of those features that foster standardization and reuse of process models. These features will be described by means of algorithms in pseudo-code and formal methods, and be implemented in the Apromore platform.

Work Stream II: Process Model Collections in Practice

This work stream focuses on the value of (large) process model collections in the context of various Business Process Management initiatives. Specifically,  the purpose of this research is to gain theory-driven, empirical insights into the repository-enabled use of process modeling in practice, the impact of process modeling to the success of organizational initiatives, and the contribution of advanced tool support (such as repositories with advanced modeling features) to increasing the value of process modeling.


The project is co-funded by the Australian Research Council, the Queensland University of Technology and Suncorp. Suncorp is one of Australia’s top 25 listed companies and Queensland’s largest listed corporation. Suncorp provides a range of banking and insurance products directly to customers through an extensive branch and agency network, call centre operations, on-line facilities, and through intermediaries and corporate partners. The collaboration with Suncorp will offer the opportunity to work with real-life business process models, and the possibility to conduct case studies to validate the outcomes of this research.





Australian Research Council: AUD$210,000

  • 2011: $70,000
  • 2012: $70,000
  • 2013: $70,000

Suncorp: AUD$190,000

  • 2011: $30,000
  • 2012: $30,000
  • 2013: $130,000


Queensland University of Technology


  • James Couzens, Solution Architect
  • Deborah Mahoney, Team Leader
  • Cameron James, Senior Software Engineer
  • Shatish Venkatamaran, Senior Software Engineer



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