Deployment, maintenance and technical support

If you decide to use Apromore Enterprise Edition in production, we will take care of everything for you. We can deploy it on cloud or premise, keep it up-to-date so you’ll always use the latest features and improvements, and provide technical support. All via a subscription service. You’ll have guaranteed uptime and reliability. Contact us for a quote on our subscription services!


We can develop custom extensions to Apromore Enterprise Edition to suit your specific needs. These will be added to the core Apromore environment in the form of plugins. And given Apromore’s LGPL 3.0 license, extensions don’t need to be released under an open-source license. In other words, you won’t lose any competitive advantage!

We offer two types of custom extensions: Connectors and Add-ons.

Connectors include data ingestors from 3rd-party software such as Oracle, SAP, Dynamics, Salesforce into Apromore, as well as data exporters to allow you to automatically import the analytics produced by Apromore into 3rd-party business intelligence tools such as Power BI, QlikSense or Tableau.

Add-ons are client-specific features that are not included in the core product. For example, a custom performance dashboard or reporting tool. Contct us for a quote on our customization services!

Consultancy and training

We’ve applied process mining to a number of industry verticals, from IT service management through to insurance & banking, healthcare, IP management and the higher education.

Over time, we have gained substantial experience in supporting our clients through their “process intelligence” journey. We’ve run short & sharp proof-of-value projects, aimed at raising internal awareness for process mining; in-depth analyses, where we combined basic with advanced process analytics; and capacity-transfer projects, where we helped our clients internalize process mining capabilities, so they can “walk with their legs”.

We can pair these consultancy services with state-of-the-art training on process mining and on Apromore. Our teaching material on process mining is directly informed by our extensive research and continuous innovation in the field of process mining and most importantly, it follows a pedagogical approach, so you can build your process mining capabilities incremental, through a series of examples and practical exercises.

We will also guide you, step-by-step, on how to use Apromore, from simple to advanced features, and have you practice at length with the product, so you’ll have all the means to take on Apromore with confidence, whether you simply want to start mining your own processes, or build an entire process mining function (a Center of Excellence) within your organization.