Apromore Webinar: How Banks Can Reduce Cost and Improve Resiliency with Process Mining with Nigel Adams & Marcello La Rosa
on Oct 7, 2021, at 4:30-5:30 pm (AEST) / 11:00-12:00 pm (IST). Register here!


Benefit from our process mining resources: tutorials, whitepapers, scientific literature and more.



What is Process Mining?

Business processes are the operational backbones of every organization. The most common example is probably the end-to-end process “Purchase-to-Pay” which covers all necessary steps between the purchase of goods/services to the vendor’s payment.




Process Mining 101

Modern enterprise systems maintain detailed records of events that occur during the execution of the business processes they support. These records allow us to retrace the execution of every instance of a process from start to end. Explore our 90-minute introductory tutorial to learn more about the four main process mining capabilities.




Download our whitepapers and explore process mining business cases and step-by-step guides in detail. Uncover, for example, the process mining trends in 2021 and beyond, or learn how you can enhance BPM with process mining capabilities.





Community Forum

Access our community forum to discuss all things open-source Apromore. The Apromore open-source community Forum is meant to host discussions on how to use and improve Apromore Community Edition.



Academic Alliance

If you are an educator and would like to use Apromore in your classes, get in touch to join the Apromore Process Mining Academic Alliance. You can join our network of 70+ educators in 50+ universities across 30+ countries, providing process mining education to more than 3000 students per year.




Research Lab

We live and breathe research. Learn more about what’s cooking in our Research Lab.



Scientific Literature

Deep dive into the algorithms, techniques and approaches that underpin Apromore’s functionality.


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