Release notes – Enterprise Edition

Version 7.16 (30/06/2020)

New features:

  • Tiles of performance measures can now be created in custom dashboards. These can be useful to display a set of standard and user-defined KPIs, in addition to the custom charts
  • Aggregated log stats can now be exported from the Dashboard into CSV files
  • Reimplemented median calculations for frequencies and durations in Process Discoverer
  • Introduced “breadcrumbs” for easier Portal navigation
  • Process models and logs can now be searched for from the Search bar of the Portal


  • Improved memory management across various plugins
  • Process models created by the Merge plugin are now automatically laid out
  • Improved automatic detection of various timestamp formats in CSV Importer
  • Automatic detection of case attributes and event attributes in CSV Importer
  • Removed unused fields in the Portal
  • Simplified import of process models
  • Multiple visual and performance improvements in custom dashboards

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with not being able to animate some logs
  • Fixed issue with misaligned timelines in the log animation
  • Fixed issue with CSV importer failing due to missing case identifiers or activity names
  • Fixed issue with the results of Similarity Search not being displayed until the Portal is refreshed
  • Fixed some issues with the Rework & repetition filter

Version 7.15 (1/05/2020)

  • Process Discoverer:
    • New ribbon interface makes it easier to tune and switch between visualization and abstraction settings
  • Dashboard:
    • Ability to create customized charts with user-defined KPIs
  • Portal:
    • Enhanced user registration screen
    • Ability to choose file format when downloading event logs (XES or CSV, and encoding for CSV files)
  • Log Animation:
    • Visual improvements in the Log Animation
  • CSV Importer:
    • UI and performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 7.14 (13/03/2020)

  • Process Discoverer:
    • Re-engineered plugin with new internal, high-performing data structure
    • Re-designed user interface with new abstraction functionality and statistics visualization
  • Filter:
    • Cosmetic improvements
    • Performance improvements
  • Dashboard:
    • Log cloning feature
    • Cosmetic improvements
    • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Version 7.13 (08/02/2020)

  • New modern UI featuring consistent branding and look & feel
  • CSV Importer:
    • Support for non UTF-8 encodings
    • Fault tolerance (e.g. missing attribute value)
  • Filter:
    • New Rework & Repetition filter makes it easier to track cases with repeated tasks (e.g. rework due to amendments)
    • Ability to search for specific cases and event attributes when setting filters
    • New Case variant and Case ID Inspector view
  • Process Discoverer:
    • Pie charts to show the percentage of cases, variants and events left after applying a filter
    • Performance improvements
  • Dashboard:
    • Relative frequency in Activities and Resources views
    • Distinction between Case attributes and Event attributes
    • Performance improvements
  • Single Editor for process modeling based on (legacy editor deprecated)
  • Various bug fixes

Version 7.10 (09/12/2019)

  • Filter :
    • Advanced case variant filter to show the distribution of case variants
    • Advanced options for the Eventually-follows filter
    • Filtering by processing time, waiting time and case utilization when events have start timestamps
    • Advanced options for Time window filters (case contained in the time window, active in, starts in, ends in)
    • Ability to download and upload filter criteria for reuse
    • Pie charts to show the percentage of cases, variants and events left after applying a filter
    • Minor cosmetic fixes
  • Dashboard:
    • Support for case-level attributes
    • Minor cosmetic fixes
  • CSV Importer:
    • Improved data type detection
    • Ability to import zipped and gzipped CSV files
  • Various bug fixes and improvements in Process Discoverer
  • Caching mechanism to improve system performance

Version 7.8 (17/10/2019)

  • Advanced filtering options in Filter
  • More robust CSV Importer
  • Improved handling of security permissions for event logs
  • Process Discoverer:
    • Performance and visual improvements
    • Various bug fixes

Version 7.6 (27/08/2019)

  • New Filter plugin
  • Various bug fixes and performance and visual improvements in Process Discoverer
  • More robust CSV Importer
  • Improved handling of security permissions for event logs (Security button)
  • Migrated to the current version of ZK libraries
  • Dynamic switching of UI themes (Account -> Change theme)

Version 7.5 (06/08/2019)

  • New Dashboard plugin
  • Process Discoverer:
    • Automatic centering and fit to screen when changing layout
    • Visual improvements for map/model layout (configurable node width and height, editable edge bent points)
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • CSV Importer:
    • Improved tolerance for errors while importing CSVs
    • More robust mechanism to recognize timestamp format
    • Multiple UI improvements
  • Added password recovery feature