Quick tour

Take a quick guided tour of Apromore Enterprise Edition and discover how you can use Apromore to:

  • Achieve transparency of your operations
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Enhance quality and customer experience
  • Monitor risk and compliance, and
  • Facilitate agility.

Automated process discovery

With Apromore’s automated process discovery capabilities, you can reverse-engineer a process map or your “as-is” BPMN model from an event log, and dynamically switch between the two views. You can change process perspective to focus on resources, roles, business object states and more.

Performance dashboards

Apromore’s Performance Dashboard features a 360-degree view into process performance via a collection of fully customizable charts, tables, and performance indicators. You can create custom dashboard views, share them with your colleagues, and export the analytics for third-party visualization.

What-if process mining

Apromore’s embedded simulation engine allows you to define both as-is & what-if scenarios on top of (automatically-discovered) BPMN models and simulate these scenarios to assess the impact of potential improvements. The simulated logs can be analyzed using a dedicated dashboard, where you can view a range of statistics (case duration, waiting time, cost, and much more) and use these to compare different scenarios.

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