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Key features

Shared workspace of models and logs: Organise and seamlessly share your process models and event logs across the enterprise.

Complete authoring environment: Create and edit BPMN process models, share your models, check their similarity, merge them and use them as input for process mining.

Discovery of process maps and BPMN models: Automatically discover a process map or BPMN model, and dynamically switch between the two. Apply abstraction and filtering to isolate cases of interest.

Performance mining: Analyse frequencies and durations of activities and handovers, using overlaid statistics on a process map or BPMN model. Dashboard detailed statistics at different levels of abstraction.

Process variants analysis: Visually compare two or more process variants to identify structural differences. Animate variants simultaneously to understand differences in temporal dynamics.

Conformance checking: Compare “expected processes”, as represented by your process models, against ”actual processes” as recorded in your event logs, to spot discrepancies and assess their impact.

Predictive process monitoring: Train machine learning models to predict different process characteristics, and watch predictions refreshing in real time, as your process cases unfold.

Change detection and explanation: Detect and explain undocumented changes (“drifts”) in your process behaviour.

Stage-based mining: Discover logical phases of your processes and measure performance at each phase.