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Key features

Shared workspace of models and logs: Apromore treats event logs and process models as first-class citizens, allowing them to coexist in the same shared workspace.

Complete authoring environment: Create and edit BPMN models using one of two different authoring environments ( or Signavio-based). Share your models, check their similarity, merge them and use them as input for process mining techniques.

Discovery of process maps and BPMN models: Automatically discover a process model from an event log. Easily switch between a process map and a fully-fledged BPMN model, both enhanced with frequency and performance statistics. Apply a range of abstraction and filtering mechanisms to isolate the cases of interest. Focus on activities, resources or other process perspective.

Performance mining: Analyse frequencies and durations of activities and handovers, using overlaid statistics on a process map or BPMN model. Use stage-based performance mining to analyse performance within each phase of your process.

Variants analysis: Compare two or more process variants visually by means of a configurable BPMN model, to identify structural differences. Animate your variants’ logs on top of the BPMN model to identify dynamic differences.

Conformance checking: Compare your actual process (as captured by an event log) with a normative BPMN model available in your organisation, and find potential deviations and their frequency.

Predictive process monitoring: Train a range of predictive models to predict different process characteristics, and watch your predictions refreshing in real time, as your process cases unfold.

The Process Discoverer plugin
The Apromore Editor ( version shown) The Dashboard plugin