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ProM integration

The Apromore Importer/Exporter plugin for ProM allows ProM users to access files stored in an Apromore distribution. Just specify the URL of the Apromore server you want to access and that’s it. The plugin can import and export files of any format. So not only process models in all languages supported by Apromore (BPMN, EPCs, PNML, YAWL, XPDL), but also logs in MXML and XES formats. A screencast on how to use this plugin can be found on YouTube.

ProM is a generic open-source framework for implementing process mining tools in a standard environment. ProM 6 can be downloaded from the ProM SourceForge page.


The University of Melbourne, Australia

University of Calabria, Italy

  • A/Prof. Giancarlo Fortino
  • Pasquale Napoli

Apromore Importer/Exporter Screenshot