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There are two editions of Apromore: Community and Enterprise.

Community Edition

This edition includes the core Apromore platform and all the experimental plugins developed by the open-source community. You can download a distribution of Apromore Community Edition and use it.

License: Apromore Community Edition is licensed under LGPL 3.0. Third-party libraries are distributed under their respective licenses.

No Warranties: Apromore Community Edition comes without any warranty.

Enterprise Edition

This is a fully-maintained and supported edition which includes performance optimizations, commercially-licensed add-ons and connectors on top of the Apromore core platform. Check out our professional services and contact us to request a demo. You can also trial Apromore Enterprise Edition using one of our public nodes on the cloud.

License: Apromore Enterprise Edition can be accessed on the cloud via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreement, or installed on-premise via a commercial license agreement.

Warranties: Apromore Enterprise Edition comes with contractual warranties, SLA-based support and patch releases for piece of mind.


Feature Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Core platform (repository, modeling, mining)
Experimental plugins
Basic filtering
Advanced filtering
LDAP integration
Performance optimizations
Deployment & maintenance services
Technical support
Consulting and training