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Community Edition

This edition includes the core Apromore platform and all the experimental plugins developed by the open-source community. You can download a distribution of Apromore Community Edition and use it free of charge.

License: Apromore Community Edition is licensed under LGPL 3.0. Third-party libraries are distributed under their respective licenses.

Access: It is available as source code and as pre-compiled Docker image.

No Warranties: Apromore Community Edition comes without any warranty.

Enterprise Edition

This is a fully-maintained and supported edition which includes performance optimizations, feature-richer plugins, add-ons and connectors on top of the Apromore core platform. We offer a range of professional services on top of this edition, You can also contact us to request a demo and test a trial version on the cloud.

License: Apromore Enterprise Edition comes under a commercial license.

Access: This edition can be accessed on the cloud via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreement, or installed on-premise via a commercial license agreement.

Warranties: Apromore Enterprise Edition comes with contractual warranties, SLA-based support and patch releases for piece of mind.


Feature Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Core platform (repository, modeling, users mgt)
Experimental plugins
Basic process discoverer
Advanced process discoverer
Basic filtering
Advanced filtering
LDAP integration
Performance optimizations
Deployment & maintenance services
Technical support
Consulting and training

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