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90-Day Trial – Enterprise Edition (COVID-19 promotion)

We understand that many organizations are facing incredible difficulties to cope with the current COVID-19 crisis. Process mining can effectively help in situations where cost savings, efficiency gains and productivity improvements become prime for the continuity, and sometimes the survival, of such businesses.

For these reasons, we have decided to offer a special COVID-19 promotion which includes 90-day access to Apromore Enterprise Edition, free for commercial use and with free technical support. This can be a great opportunity to start off your first process mining project.

The offer is available on SaaS only. To activate your trial, sign up on one of the cloud nodes. We recommend using the node that is geographically the closest to you. 

By signing up, you agree with our Terms & Conditions (Extended Trial License). Note: the nodes above do not share user credentials nor models/logs. 

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