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Cloud nodes

You can try Apromore on the cloud by using the closest node to you, courtesy of the hosting universities:

  • Node 0 (Australia), hosted by The University of Melbourne [version 7.2.0]
  • Node 1 (Estonia), hosted by University of Tartu [version 7.2.0]
  • Node 2 (Italy), hosted by University of Camerino [version 7.2.0, no predictive monitoring]

This is a public release, open to anyone, meaning that anyone can create and delete models or logs, if these have been set as “public” upon creation or import.

The public nodes listed above do not share credentials nor models/logs. They are just separate distributions of Apromore. So if you want to use all of them, you will have to create an account in each of them. We recommend you to use the node closest to your physical location.

All models and other information stored in the repository available at the above nodes, are third-party materials that have been uploaded by other users, unless expressly indicated otherwise by the Hosting University (The University of Melbourne, University of Tartu or University of Camerino). The Hosting University makes the repository material available ‘as is’ and does not check the currency, accuracy, reliability, performance, completeness, suitability or workability of the repository material or whether repository materials uploaded by other users infringe anyone’s intellectual property rights. You use the repository material at your own risk.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Hosting University excludes all liability whether in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise for any direct or indirect losses, damages, expenses, claims and liability that you may incur as a result or arising from any use of the repository material. To the extent legislation does not allow particular liability to be excluded, it is limited to the fullest extent permitted by such legislation.