We pride ourselves on establishing and nurturing strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners. Our partners ecosystem includes both business consultancy and implementation providers covering different geographic areas.

Strategic partners

GBTEC Software + Consulting AG is a Business Process Management and IT Management expert. The company successfully combines consulting and software development under one roof. GBTEC’s BPM solution “BIC” offers an innovative, fully extended, powerful BPM-suite for process and IT-system optimization. Organizations from different sectors, such as companies listed on the DAX, larger medium-sized enterprises as well as public authorities rely on GBTEC’s BPM solution “BIC”. GBTEC is the lead investor in Apromore’s Series A fundraising and a strategic & technology development partner.

Leonardo drives continuous process improvement through technology and has worked with many leading enterprises in APAC to enhance the performance of their business processes through architecture and automation as well as integrating their applications, platforms and data to enable disruptive technologies. Leonardo is assisting the Apromore team in developing the platform strategy and implementing it through an agile methodology, and by providing industry-strength development power to improve the platform. Leonardo is also a consultancy partner of Apromore in process mining and more broadly in business process management.

HSPI is an Italian management consulting firm with 100 professionals based in three locations: Rome, Milan and Bologna. HSPI is specialized in ICT governance, change management and information risk management, with numerous clients in the public and private sectors. HSPI’s mission is to improve customers’ capabilities by utilizing IT as an enabler for business strategy implementation. HSPI provides consultancy services on process mining using Apromore.

Channel & consulting partners

Breakawai is a collective of forward-thinking and diverse people that combine advanced technologies with hard-earned business insights, to help businesses make important breakaways from the hearth of their industry and stand out. By providing cutting-edge process mining technology and a strong business understanding, Breakawai empowers your business and teams to deliver continuous and connected changes to your operational model at high speed, with a high(er) success rate, yet cheaper, compliant and controlled.

Hesplora is an Italian knowledge integrator that aims to bridge across scientific research, the startup ecosystem and traditional ICT, in order to serve modern business organizations. Through its dedicated Process Mining Lab, Hesplora provides consultancy services on process mining using Apromore.

Leading Partners Global is focused on delivering customer-centric process improvements that create a step change uplift in service, while returning immediate ROI benefits. They utilize lean and agile process improvement frameworks with robotic process automation (RPA) and process mining technology. By combining these, Leading Partners Global has successfully completed projects that add significant value to both the client and their customers.

Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with operations in Northern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nortal combines a strategic approach and data-driven technology in order to simplify and optimize processes for governments, business and healthcare.

Ovations Technologies is a key player in the South African consultancy arena, with domain expertise in process automation, enterprise architecture, data & analytics, and risk prevention solutions. Ovations guides clients through the entire lifecycle of cloud adoption including initiatives to mitigate strategic workloads to cloud deployment encompassing IaaS, PaaS, FaaS and SaaS approaches. Ovations will use Apromore’s process mining capabilities to propel their client’s digital transformation journeys to the next level.

THINKING SOLUTIONS is a client-focused services firm of global operations and solutions experts. We support our customers on their business transformation journey to identify and exploit the system’s constraint(s) in order to enable the potential of the organization. Knowledge, experience, technology, methodology plus a “common sense” approach, are the main levers that we use in order to help our customers to achieve their challenging targets. Being focused, fast and effective is not an option, it’s a must!

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