Industry Partners

The following organizations are industry partners of the Apromore Initative.

Technology partners

From process discovery to large scale digital transformations, BusinessOptix enables organisations worldwide to achieve their strategic and operational goals.

By fully integrating Apromore into BusinessOptix ROI calculator, scenario modeller and transformation dashboard, the BusinessOptix and Apromore partnership plans to bring together the open-source process mining capabilities of Apromore with BusinessOptix enterprise scale and ability to deliver end-to-end solutions.

The integration will provide additional options for rapidly modeling and using metrics to understand current business processes as part of process transformation and improvement initiatives. Working with the team at Apromore, BusinessOptix is proud to be contributing code back to Apromore and the open-source community.

Holocentric is an innovative Australian software company that helps organisations meet the key objectives of greater customer experience, operational efficiency and compliance by supporting them in the development of a Digital Twin of an Organisation (DTO). A DTO marries the digital representation of the organisation in Holocentric’s Business Management System (BMS) with real world operations as discovered with process mining tools. Through a DTO, organizations can objectively analyse performance issues, model and simulate improvements and successfully undertake digital transformation and continuous improvement.

By bringing together the capabilities of both Holocentric and Apromore, this partnership will enable organisations to realize the full potential of a DTO.

Leonardo drives continuous process improvement through technology and has worked with many leading enterprises in APAC to enhance the performance of their business processes through architecture and automation as well as integrating their applications, platforms and data to enable disruptive technologies.

Leonardo is assisting the Apromore team in developing the platform strategy and implementing it through an agile methodology, and by providing industry-strength development power to improve the platform.

Consultancy partners


HSPI is an Italian management consulting firm with 100 professionals based in three locations: Rome, Milan and Bologna. HSPI is specialized in ICT governance, change management and information risk management, with numerous clients in the public and private sectors. HSPI’s mission is to improve customers’ capabilities by utilizing IT as an enabler for business strategy implementation.

HSPI, and its subsidiary Hesplora, provide consultancy services on business process management and process mining using Apromore.

logoP4i P4I – Partners4Innovation is the company within the Digital360 Group that offers advisory and coaching services in support of digital and entrepreneurial innovation in companies and public sector bodies.

P4I provides consultancy services on business process management and process mining using Apromore, through their Data-Driven Innovation team.