Leadership team

Our leadership team consists of experienced managers, corporate strategics, software engineers, consultants and innovators, committed to building and delivering an enterprise-grade process mining platform informed by the latest research advances.

Prof. Marcello La Rosa, CEO and Co-Founder

Marcello is Professor of Information Systems at The University of Melbourne. He has over 15 years of research and teaching experience in the field of business process management, including 10 years in process mining. Marcello has delivered consultancy, training, and strategic advice in these fields to hundreds of practitioners in Australia and Europe. He has written over 150 publications on process mining, business process management and related topics. His textbook “Fundamentals of Business Process Management” is used by more than 250 universities worldwide. He is also the co-creator of a MOOC series on business process management, taken by 25K+ participants. Marcello has led the Apromore open-source initiative and driven its roadmap since its inception in 2009. He is now Co-Founder and CEO of Apromore Pty Ltd.

Prof. Marlon Dumas, Partnerships Manager and Co-Founder

Marlon is Professor of Information Systems at the University of Tartu. For the past two decades, he has conducted research and delivered consultancy in the fields of business process management and process mining. During his career, he executed R&D projects funded by the European Research Council, the Australian Research Council, the US Army Research Lab, and several multinational companies including SAP, Microsoft, and Swedbank. His research has led to 200+ scientific publications, ten US and EU patents, and a textbook (Fundamentals of Business Process Management) used in 250+ universities worldwide. Together with this research team, he has contributed core components to the Apromore open-source product since 2011. He is now Co-Founder and Partnerships Manager at Apromore Pty Ltd.

Mr Gregor Greinke, Strategic Advisor

Gregor is CEO and Founder of GBTEC Software AG, one of the most successful business process management (BPM) companies in Europe. He has more than 20 years of experience in the development of cloud-based BPM software and practical BPM methods. Right after completing his master’s degree in business informatics and business economics, he founded his first BPM company at a young age. After working as Managing Director for one of the largest BPM software vendors, Gregor founded his second BPM company, GBTEC, which has gained over 800 customers worldwide. During his career, he has led major BPM projects at international bluechip companies across various industries and government authorities. Gregor has joined Apromore Pty Ltd as strategic advisor and technology development partner through Apromore’s Series A investment.

Dr Simon Raboczi, Chief Architect and Co-Founder

Simon is a software engineer with 22 years of professional experience, including eight years developing the Apromore process mining platform. Between 2002 and 2005, Simon led the development of the Tucana Knowledge Store, which was acquired by Northrop Grumman Corporation in 2005. He then joined University of Queensland, where he contributed to several R&D projects and completed a PhD in computer science in 2011. Simon is co-author of a dozen research papers and co-inventor in two US patents. Simon is Co-Founder of Apromore Pty Ltd, where he leads the architectural design of the platform.