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Create dashboards

The Apromore Custom Performance Dashboard offers a variety of custom visualization options.

To open the dashboard, select at least one event log and click on  “Analyze > View performance dashboard”. We can also visualize multiple event logs in the custom dashboard by selecting them.

Once the performance dashboard opens up, click on the ‘+’ button to create a dashboard from an existing dashboard or to create a dashboard from scratch.

Create from existing views

The main purpose of creating a dashboard from an existing view is to modify an existing view by retaining the existing performance metrics and adding additional performance metrics.

To create a custom dashboard from an existing view, click on “Create from existing”.

We can choose from three different views: Overview, Activities and Resources.

To create a new dashboard from an existing resources view, click on “Resources”.

A new “Resources” dashboard will open up. Similarly, you can create a new dashboard from “Overview” and “Activties”.

Create from scratch

To create a custom dashboard from scratch, click on “Create from scratch”.

A blank editable view will open up.

We can change the title of the view by entering the text in the “Title” text field.

Add Stat Tiles

We can also add different statistic metrics by clicking on the “Add a new tile” button.

We can select different metrics from the “Stats type” drop-down list and also make changes to different visualization metrics.

We can also change colors of a value or an icon by clicking on the color box.

We can also add and save a custom color by adding the Hex code of the desired color.

Add charts

To add a chart, click on the “Add new chart” button.

In order to make changes to a chart make sure the chart is selected first from the “Chart type” dropdown.

We can add different types of charts to the dashboard. To know more about different charts, please check the manual.

Add Tables

To add a table, click on the “Add new table” button.

We can select different tables from the “Table type” dropdown.