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Create custom dashboards

The Apromore Custom Performance Dashboard offers a variety of custom visualization options.

To open the custom dashboard, select at least one event log and click on  “Analyze > View performance dashboard”. We can also visualize multiple event logs in the custom dashboard by selecting them.

The performance dashboard will open up. Click on the “Custom” tab to select the custom performance dashboard functionality.

Add Chart

The Custom Performance dashboard allows us to create different charts and stat tiles. To create a chart, click on “Add Chart”.

Section 1 consists of two main views: “Basic” and “Advanced”. The “Basic” view allows us to change different metrics associated with a chart. We can also change the type of the chart and set a KPI target. The “Advanced” section allows us to “slice” and “filter” a log. Section 2 will contain the different types of charts and stat tiles that we will create.

In order to make changes to a chart make sure the chart is selected first. The “Basic” view, allows us to select the type of the chart from the “Chart type” drop- down list. We can also change the color of the chart from the “Color” drop-down list.

Visualize different metrics

In order to visualize different metrics, click on the “X-Axis” drop-down list.

Based on the metric selected, we can also change the unit of the X-Axis from the “X-Axis unit” drop-down list.

Change Scale

The scale can also be changed to “Logarithmic” and “Relative” from “Y-Axis scale”.

We can also change the “Title”, “Subtitle”, “X-Axis title” and “Y-Axis title”.


A KPI target can be added by clicking on the “+” icon in the KPI section. The chart will be extended with a line indicating the location of the KPI target. This allows us to get an indication of what proportion of cases have achieved this target.

Add Multiple Charts

We can add multiple charts by clicking on the “Add chart” button. Click on the chart to make changes.

Different types of charts can be created using the custom dashboard. Charts like column and pie charts work best with categorical values while line charts work best with numerical data.

Advanced View – Slice & Filter

The “Advanced” view allows us to “slice” and “filter” the logs. In order to slice a log click on the “+” button next to the “Slice Log”.

Advanced > Slice

We can slice a log based on “Event attribute”, “Case attribute”, “Timeframe” or “Performance”. In case of “Event attribute” select the events with which you want to slice the log.

After clicking on “OK”, we can see the details of the selection we made. Click on “Apply”, to see the results.

Similarly, we can either slice by “Case attribute”, “Performance” or “Timeframe”.

In case of “Timeframe” and “Performance” there is an option of “Add slice line”. For this click on the “+” button next to “Add slice line” and slide the slider. Alternatively, you can also select a date from the date picker.

Advanced > Filter

We can add a filter by clicking on the “+” button next to “Filter log”.

Select the desired filter and click on “Apply”. For optimal use of filters, please go through the Filter Log manual.

To apply the filter click on “Apply” in the Slicing and Filtering section.

Add Stat Tiles

We can also add different statistic metrics by clicking on the “Add stat” button.

We can select different metrics from the “Stats type” drop-down list and also make changes to different visualization metrics.

Compare Multiple Process Variants

Custom Performance dashboard not only helps us to dive into the statistical metrics of a single event log but also helps us to compare different versions of an event log. For this, select more than one version of the same event log and click on “Analyze > View performance dashboard”.

After clicking on the “Custom” tab, we will be able to see the charts of both the logs combined.


We can zoom into the graph by simply dragging the mouse over the part of the chart we would like to zoom.

Export Chart

The custom performance dashboard allows us to print or download a chart to a PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVG vector file.

Clone Chart

In order to add a same chart again, select the chart and click on “Clone”.

Organize Charts

In case of multiple charts/stats, we can re-arrange it by clicking on the “Move” button and simply moving the charts/stats by drag-and-drop method.

Remove Chart

In order to remove a chart, select a chart and click on “Remove”.