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Animate logs (Process Map)

Apromore allows us to replay an event log on top of its process map. To use this plugin, select an event log from the repository and click the “Animate” button in the process discoverer.

A window will open up showing the process map within the Editor along with the timeline.

Standard Controls

The animation will start by hitting the “Play” button. Each token represents the progress of a particular process instance i.e a case. We can also see the case ID’s by selecting the “Show Case IDs” checkbox.

Standard controls are available to play, pause, fast or slow forward/rewind the animation and to skip through the end/beginning. The replay speed can be changed with the vertical bar. These actions are also available during the animation. If the view on the process map is zoomed in/out, or the process map layout is changed, the tool will try to adapt the animation to the new position of the elements on the canvas.

Token Traversal

A token traversing an activity indicates that the case captured by that token is performing that activity. However, if the token goes around an activity’s border, this indicates that the particular activity is skipped in that process case.

A large number of tokens slowly traversing a given path may indicate a performance bottleneck, e.g. cases pile up in a particular point of the process due to resources unavailability.