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Structure process model

This plugin invokes iBPStruct to structure a BPMN process model. It can be launched from the Portal, by selecting a BPMN model and hitting “Discover>Structure process model”, or from the Editor, by hitting the button “Structure” from the top bar.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 6.03.35 pm

The structuring of a process model consists in generating a simpler version of the input process model, yet preserving the model behavior. A model is structured if for every node with multiple outgoing arcs (a split gateway) there is a corresponding node with multiple incoming arcs (a join gateway), and vice versa, such that the fragment of the model between the split and the join forms a single-entry-single-exit (SESE) component; otherwise the model is unstructured.

Example of an unstructured process model

The same example after structuring

If the input process model was discovered with the Automated discovery of rich BPMN models (default settings), it is already maximally structured, and using the structuring plugin would be of no further improvement.