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Create / Edit process model

The editor allows one to edit, save, and export (BPMN) process models. To access the editor, simply double click on the process model you want to edit in the repository browser. The image below shows a snapshot of the editor environment. On the left, the palette containing the BPMN elements. To add any of these elements to the process model, simply drag-and-drop it on the desired location.

Save Model

At the top of the editor, a menu shows the icons of the most important functionalities provided within the editor. Starting from the left, the first icon allows us to save the model.

When selected this option, the following message-box appears.

You can choose the version number of the process and the branch (folder) where to save it. Each process version is kept in the memory and it is possible to retrieve any of it at any time (more details on how to access the older versions of a process model come below).

Save a Copy of the Model

If you want to save a copy of the process model, you can click on the second icon of the menu as shown below.

Save a copy allows us to duplicate the process model in the repository, rename it and restarting the version counter from 1.0.

Export Model

The fourth and fifth icons, instead, export the process model in the format .BPMN and PDF (respectively), as pictured below.

Remember to allow pop-up windows before exporting the process, otherwise, the export may fail.


The next two icons allow to undo and redo changes applied to the process model.


Finally, the two zoom lenses allow to zoom-in and zoom-out.

Access Rights

Note that, each process model has a security level. By default, each process model is created and saved as private and can be accessed, edited, deleted only by the owner. However, it is possible to change the security level of a process by selecting the process in the repository browser and by clicking the key icon, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

In the example pictured above, the process model named Sepsis Cases can be read and edited by the public (i.e. any other user). To add the permissions of other users/groups, look up the user/group name on the search-box below the permission tab (titled Groups), tick accordingly the permissions and push the Save Selected button.

Access an older version of a process model

To access older versions of a process model, select the process model in the repository browser. Then, select the version you want to edit from the tab on the left bottom corner (as highlighted in the screenshot), and either double-click on it or hit File>Edit Model.