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Check compliance against Declare rules

This plugin checks the compliance of a BPMN model against a set of business rules defined in the Declare format. To use this plugin, select a BPMN model, click on “Analyze>Check compliance against Declare rules”. A dialog window pops up asking to input the compliance rules and the cost of the edit operations (insertion and deletion of elements).


The results can be graphically displayed over the model, and the changes needed to reconcile such violations are suggested over the model. The graphical representation of the results uses a color-coding to highlight the model elements to be deleted or inserted, as well as to represent the support for such a change (in terms of the number of times a violation could arise during the execution of the process).


Further, the plugin provides a way to automatically repair the model; in particular, elements can be removed and activities can be inserted.

A screencast of this plugin can be found here.