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Compare log-log for variants analysis

This plugin allows users to identify differences between normal and deviant executions of a business process, or between two versions or variants of a process. The input for this plugin is a pair of event logs, which can be imported into Apromore or uploaded when the plugin is selected.

To use this plugin, select two event logs from the repository, and click on “Analyze>Compare”. Alternatively, if you click on the menu item without selecting the logs first, the tool will ask to use two logs from your local computer. This second option may be useful if you don’t want to store your logs into the repository. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 9.41.00 pm

Once the set of differences between the two logs have been identified, they are expressed in the form of natural language statements. This (log delta) analysis can identify the activities that occurred only in one of the processes, dissimilarities in the frequencies of activity occurrences, activities that were repeated in one of the processes and not in the other, and discrepancies related to the order of how pairs of activities were executed.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.17.32 am

A screencast of this plugin can be found here.

Example logs to use with this plugin can be found in folder “Examples>Compare>Log to log” of the Apromore repository.

A standalone version of this plugin under the “ProDelta” name is available here.