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Check BPMN modeling guidelines with BEBoP

This plugin integrates the BEBoP tool, to allow users to check if a BPMN model is compliant with a set of understandability guidelines. Such guidelines are rules that a model designer should follow to guarantee that the process model is easy to understand by relevant stakeholders. The tool provides both textual and graphical feedback about the specific understandability guidelines that are violated. Users can then decide to repair models in such a way to guarantee a higher degree of understandability. 

The plugin can be accessed from the Apromore Portal or the Apromore Editor:

From the Portal, select a BPMN model and click on “Analyze>Check model guidelines with BEBoP”. A list of understandability guidelines being violated will pop up.


From the Portal, open a BPMN model via the Editor and click on the BEBoP icon. A window pops up presenting a grid showing all the guidelines that are violated and for each of them, which model element(s) cause the violation. Select a row from the grid to display on the right hand side the window the entire guideline description and to highlight on the model the element violating the guideline.


  A screencast of this plugin can be found here.