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Apromore provides a rich set of features along the various phases of the Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle. Each feature has been realised with a dedicated plugin, a list of which is provided below. Click on a plugin to find out how to use it.

Note: we are in the process of refreshing the user manual.


  • Main dashboard


From logs

From models


On logs

On models


On models


On models

  • Deploy YAWL model to YAWL engine


From logs

Other features include:

  • OSGi plugin framework (support for dynamic enabling/disabling of bundles and multiple bundle versions)
  • support for the following native process model formats: BPMN 2.0, XPDL 2.1, EPML 2.0, ARIS AML import, YAWL 2.2 and PNML 1.3.2
  • language interchange between all supported formats
  • support for the following event log formats: CSV, XES, MXML
  • integration with and Signavio Core Components process model editor
  • integration with jBPT as the Java object model for the canonical process format
  • relational schema for the canonical process format
  • SVN-like version control for process models (including branch and version name)
  • basic security and access control
  • print and PDF-export support for process models
  • file storage via WebDav (e.g. to store questionnaire models, configuration mappings)
  • Web service interface (WSDL) of most common features.

For a full list of changes since last release, take a look at the Release notes.