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Superannuation Fund is Set to Save AUD 600K+ per annum Thanks to Process Mining

An Australian superannuation fund was able to analyze over 17 million data points to gain a better understanding of their claims process.  

The analysis identified inefficiencies in 20% of claims and gave the organization a much clearer picture of their processes, and how to improve them. With process mining, the turnaround from discovery to improvement was found to be 2.6 times faster than with traditional methods. And, thanks to the analysis, the super fund achieved over AUD 150K (USD 117K) in cost savings after just three months, with an estimated annual ROI of over AUD 600K (USD 470K). 

In this case study, you will learn more about how process mining can shine a light on previously undetected process variants, swiftly and reliably.  

We have partnered with Leonardo for this project.

Key Achievements

  • Estimated yearly ROI of more than AUD 600K 
  • Cost savings of AUD 150K 
  • With Process Mining, the “discovery to improvement” process is 2.6x faster  
  • Significantly reduced waste, rework, and processing costs 

Meat Processor Reduces Waste and Saves $800K+ per year with Process Mining

An APAC-based meat processor was experiencing too much waste production as well as long turnaround times for their protein products. While the unfavorable outcome might have been clear, the business had little visibility on why this was the case. Process mining was implemented to shed light on bottlenecks, reworks, and loops causing these inefficiencies. 

In this case study, you will learn more about the process of analyzing end-to-end production processes and the cost reduction and time-saving benefits the meat processor achieved in just three months!  

We have partnered with Leonardo for this project.

Key Achievements

  • Savings of $800K per year 
  • Up to 30% speedup of turnaround times for some products 
  • 10% average speedup of E2E turnaround times 
  • Significant reduction of waste 

Increasing the Efficiency of the Student Admission Process at The University of Melbourne

The student admission process lies at the beginning of every student’s university experience, process delays potentially leaving students frustrated or accepting offers from other universities. The University of Melbourne’s strategic plan, Growing Esteem 2015-2020, aimed to improve exactly these aspects of student life and enrich students’ experience. 

Read this Customer Story to learn more about how The University of Melbourne and Apromore identified bottlenecks and inconsistencies in the student admission process and potential areas for resourcing adjustments.  

Key Achievements

  • 65% reduction in overall turnaround time in Stage 2 since 2017 
  • 28% reduction in overall turnaround time since 2017 
  • 56% increase in application volume since 2017

Improving the Patient Discharge Process at a Melbourne Hospital

Public hospitals are facing high pressure to provide patients with adequate treatment while ensuring a highly efficient and cost-effective process. Understanding the key differences between successful and unsuccessful discharges, for example, can be an important step towards improving the effectiveness of hospital processes and enhancing the patient journey.  

Learn in this Customer Story how process mining offers insights into the complex process landscape of a public hospital, revealing differences between process variants that were not evident to patients nor hospital staff.

Key Achievements

  • Comprehensive understanding of the patient journey 
  • Identification of further readmission factors previously unknown 
  • Provision of the groundwork for newly defined routines 
  • Reduced readmission rate

INAIL’s Successful Digital Transformation Journey

As you might know, digital transformation is not an easy journey. It requires organizations to rethink their approach to business process management, integrate their organizational culture along with their technology, and embark on a path towards gaining digital maturity.  

Process mining can act as a key driver for these initiatives. Learn more about INAIL’s journey and why they would describe process mining as a “strategic asset” in their path towards becoming a digital service provider. 

Key Achievements  

  • Process Control Room for real-time monitoring of core processes 
  • Procure-to-pay waiting times reduced significantly  
  • Non-compliant cases identified and eliminated 
  • Time savings thanks to increased speed to analysis 

European Insurance Company is Saving EUR 15M Every Year Thanks to Process Mining

Insurance companies strive for product innovation and service excellence in a highly regulated environment. Due to the wide range of products and customer types they serve, they also need to manage processes with a high level of variability. In this environment, deviances are common and over time, this deviance erodes the customer experience. These challenges raise the following question: How can we learn from positive deviance in our processes while surgically tackling our negative deviance?  

Learn more about Apromore and how it can help your organization to manage deviance in your processes. In this case study, you will learn from the process improvement journey of a European insurance company as they embraced process mining to achieve ambitious performance improvements in their core processes. 

Key Achievements

  • Cost savings of EUR 15M per year
  • Improved average handling speed to now 10-15 days
  • Reduction of violations of the liquidation policies by 37%
  • Reduction of violations of the 30-day SLA by 25%

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