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Apromore is rooted in over ten years of academic research and open-source development efforts, involving various universities, research labs, funding bodies and private organisations worldwide. Isn’t that awesome?

Key contributors

  • University of Melbourne, Australia (leading contributor)
    Prof. Marcello La Rosa (leader), Dr Artem Polyvyanyy, Dr Abel Armas-Cervantes, Dr Chii Chang, Dr Raffaele Conforti, Dr Anna Kalenkova, Dr Hoang (Bruce) Nguyen, Dr Alireza Ostovar, Dr Simon Raboczi, Dr Farbod Taymouri, Dr Ilya Verenich, Adriano Augusto, Volodymyr Leno, Daniel Reissner, Ivo Widjaja
  • University of Tartu, Estonia
    Prof. Marlon Dumas, A/Prof. Luciano Garcia-Banuelos, A/Prof. Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Ibrahim Mahdy

Further contributors

Research sponsors: