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We are a leading provider of open-source solutions for process mining and AI-driven business process improvement. Our vision is to democratize process mining by enabling organizations to achieve digital transparency and operational excellence.

We’ve helped dozens of organizations leverage the full potential of their business transactional data to enhance their productivity, product & service quality, and compliance. Our customers include leading companies in the banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government sectors. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and with staff also located in Brisbane, Australia and in Tartu, Estonia, Apromore delivers its process mining platform and offers consultancy services worldwide via a network of international service partners.

Our process mining platform is the result of over ten years of research and innovation at The University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Tartu (Estonia) and several other universities worldwide. The research behind Apromore has attracted over USD 7M in research & seed funding (AUD 10M) and USD 4.77M (AUD 6.84M) in a Series A fundraising led by German BPM software specialist GBTEC.

The research behind Apromore received many accolades, including nine best paper awards at prestigious research conferences, and three best PhD thesis awards. The product incorporates the results of ten PhD theses and has been showcased in over one hundred scientific publications, overall collecting more than one thousand citations.

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