Here some testimonials from organizations that have used Apromore for their business:

“Apromore enabled us to analyze a range of business processes in an unbiased way, and to easily identify various types of process anomalies visually, including unforeseen rework and repetition, deviations from normative flows, performance issues and SLA violations.

This type of support helped us to focus on the analysis of the root causes of the identified problems, rather than relying on lengthy and complex technical activities to represent such problems. Ultimately, this enabled us to provide more effective and convincing project deliverables to our clients”.

Luca Flecchia, Head of Data-Driven Innovation Practice, P4I (Partners4Innovation)







If you would like to sponsor the development of a particular feature of Apromore which may be useful for your business, contact Prof. Marcello La Rosa at marcello.larosa_AT_unimelb.edu.au.