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09/04/19: Apromore version 7.0.1 released, packed with new features and improvements! 6/03/19: Dr Alireza Ostovar obtained his PhD on process drift detection and characterization. His work has been implemented in the ProDrift plugin of Apromore 11/02/19: Dr Ilya Verenich obtained his PhD on predictive monitoring of temporal characteristics of business processes. His work underpins Apromore’s …

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Cloud nodes

You can access Apromore in the cloud by using the closest node to you, courtesy of the hosting universities: Node 0 (Australia), hosted by The University of Melbourne [version 7.0.1] Node 1 (Estonia), hosted by University of Tartu [version 7.0, no predictive monitoring] Node 2 (Italy), hosted by University of Camerino [version 7.0, no predictive monitoring] …

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Apromore is an open-source, online business process analytics platform, supporting the full stack of process mining functionality. These features are complemented by advanced features for authoring process models and managing process model collections. Headquartered at The University of Melbourne, Apromore is the result of over ten years of research and development, with contributions from various universities and individuals and funding from …

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