ARC Discovery on Liquid Process Model Collections

ARC Discovery Project: “Improving Business Decision-Making via Liquid Process Model Collections” This project will develop an innovative approach to create and update as necessary the large collection of business process models that represent a complex organisation, so that this collection captures the actual way in which the organisation performs its business processes. Deploying theoretical, conceptual …

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Woped importer

WoPeD integration

Since version 3.2.0, WoPeD features a Web service client to import and export models into/from Apromore. WoPeD (Workflow Petri Net Designer) is an open-source software developed at the Cooperative State University Karlsruhe under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Its main objective is to provide an easy-to-use, one-stop platform for modelling, simulating and analyzing …

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YAWL Editor in Apromore

YAWL integration

The integration of YAWL and Apromore is achieved via three components: i) a stencil for Apromore’s editor to render YAWL models on canvas, ii) a Canonizer plug-in to convert YAWL models to Apromore’s canonical format and vice versa, and iii) a component to link Apromore to a running YAWL System distribution in order to deploy …

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Apromore Importer/Exporter Screenshot

ProM integration

The Apromore Importer/Exporter plugin for ProM allows ProM users to access files stored in an Apromore distribution. Just specify the URL of the Apromore server you want to access and that’s it. The plugin can import and export files of any format. So not only process models in all languages supported by Apromore (BPMN, EPCs, PNML, …

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BAB integration

BAB (Best Analytics of Big Data) is a cloud-computing based online process analytics service using Big Data techniques. It has been developed and managed by Pusan National University. It is published as an open source project under the LGPL license. The integration of BAB with Apromore allows BAB users to export process models discovered by …

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