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Compare model-log for conformance checking

Authors: Abel Armas-Cervantes, Nick R.T.P. van Beest, Marcello La Rosa, Marlon Dumas, Simon Raboczi

This plugin allows users to identify deviations between an actual business process (as captured in an event log) and a normative process (as prescribed by a process model). Deviations are expressed as natural language statements and for each statement, a visual representation of the deviation is shown on top of the process model. It can be used for compliance purposes or for checking the adherence to organizational procedures, so long as these are represented via a process model. For rules represented in Declare or LTL format, use the Check compliance against Declare rules plugin or Check compliance against LTL rules plugin.


To use this plugin, select a BPMN model and a log in MXML or XES format from the repository, and click on Analyze>Compare.

A screencast of this plugin can be found here.