Apromore is an open and extensible repository to store and disclose business process models of a variety of types and languages such as BPMN, XPDL, eEPCs, AML, YAWL and PNML. Beyond that, Apromore aims to catalyze state-of-the-art features to facilitate the management of large process model collections in the form of plugins. These features can be classified according to four broad service areas:

  1. Evaluation, concerned with establishing the adherence of process models to various quality notions, such as evaluating process models with respect to correctness criteria, usability issues such as understandability and maintainability, or assess them against well-know benchmarking frameworks.
  2. Filtering, offering capabilities to filter the repository based on different process-related aspects, such as searching for similar models, cloned process fragments or querying the repository for specific process patterns.
  3. Clever Design, supporting the creation, modification and completion of process models, on the basis of existing content, such as by individualizing a configurable process model or by merging existing process variants into a consolidated process model.
  4. Presentation, providing support for improving the understanding of large process model collections, such as by highlighting process model elements or restructuring a process model.

Apromore’s service areas